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    New Statistics Webpage | Creeplands Update

    Hello Everyone! There are some MAJOR changes coming to the Creeplands Network and Website and soon to be Discord! Starting on the 30th of September, The Rules tab will be replaced with a new tab called "Stats". Clicking this tab will take you to an "In Progress" Webpage. Since this project is...
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    Creeplands Planned Launch | Oct. 20, 2020

    Hey Everyone! As the Creeplands Server is continuing development, We Have decided a Release Date, October 20, on which we will Open the Creeplands Minecraft Server for Everyone to Join! Starting on October 10, The Creeplands Server Store will open and all Ranks, Cosmetics, etc, Will be 80% off...
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    SkyBlock Update! | Pets

    Hello Everyone! We have added Pets to the Skyblock and Factions Community! This Thread will explain Each Pet's Ability and how they can be obtained! Pig Pet [LVL 1-100] Rarity: [COMMON] Cost: 300 Creeplands Coins Eat your fill and maintain food saturation just like a plump, satisfied...
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    Creeplands Update v2.1.2 | New Additions, Rank Changes, And more!

    Hello! With this update, We have added a bunch of new Creeplands Additions Additions: Added Pets to Skyblock and Factions Added new perks for MVP+ Added Pets to each Lobby's Rank Changes: MVP+ MVP+ Members now have the [LEGENDARY] Ghast and [LEGENDARY] Giant MVP+ Member Now have the...
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    Creeplands Update v2.1.1 - Bug Fixes, New Lobby and New Games!

    Hey Everyone! With this Creeplands update, We added some new Arcade Minigames, Features, 2 Brand New Games, and Some Bug Fixes! More information on Minigames can be found in the "Arcade" forum! New Minigames: - Dragon Run More info on each can be found at the "Arcade" Forum! New Game(s)...
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    [Completed] New Support Website!

    Migration Complete! All "Contact Support" forums were renamed or deleted! Thanks!
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    [Completed] New Support Website!

    Hello Everyone! To keep our Forums Cleaner, we will be adding a new Support Website to make Support easier for you and Us! You can access the Support page at Starting on Saturday, August 8th the "Contact Staff and Bug Report's" Forum's will be Migrated to...
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    [Guide] How to post Suggestions/Ideas

    Hello! With the addition of v2.0, we want to hear YOUR ideas! How to make Suggestions/Ideas: Stage 1: Step 1: Create a thread with Basic Information about Your Idea and a Poll Step 2: Wait. If your thread reaches 20 Participants with a 70%/30% Minimum like ratio, Then it will be added to...
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    Creeplands Update | 2.1.0 - Minigames, Shop Additions, And More!

    Hey Everyone! With the Creeplands update Coming soon, We added a TON Of new Arcade Minigames, Features, A Brand New Game, and Shop Additions! More information on Minigames can be found in the "Arcade" forum! New Minigames: - Spleef - Single Player - Last Man Standing - Race - Team Deathmatch...
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    IMPORTANT - Creeplands Finalizing Website [Finished]

    Hey everyone! Creeplands is switching providers (Again) for a cleaner and faster Experience. Once completed the following will be unavailable/deleted: - User Accounts - User Posts - Badges/Achievements We will NEVER Delete ANY Ranks or other Store-bought cosmetics! You just have to Re-link...
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    Information [Appeal a Punishment] How to Appeal

    Hey, If you have been punished on Creeplands, the Forums, or on Discord, then this is the guide for you! On Creeplands there are several rules that you must Obey. Please familiarise yourself with them HERE, To appeal, make a thread in "Appeal a Punishment" and title it "[Yourname Ban/Mute...